Potholes, noise complaints, and water bills, oh my! Make the most of your city's 311 and collect a more holistic view of resident feedback. Integrating 311 into your ZenCity dashboard adds another dimension of valuable data. With social media, local media and now 311 requests, complaints, and inquiries, ZenCity gives you the paintbrush to paint a clearer picture of your city.

Hear from ZenCity Co-founder & CTO Ido Ivri about: 

  • How does your city use 311 or citizen request forms? How is resident information siloed among departments? 

  • What is 311 / Citizen Requests / Public-facing Email Inboxes? 

  • Insights: The Did You Knows of 311 and Service Requests

  • How to Maximize this Data Source in Your ZenCity Dashboard:
    Step-by-step Walkthrough of the Platform

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