Note: Your Zencity Customer Success Managers will continue to be available to make Projects for you, as always.

Creating a Project in Zencity helps you focus on an initiative, campaign, or program in your city that spans across several subject categories into a customized and centralized dashboard. Instead of submitting a Project Form Request, now you can fully design your own projects. 

Why Create a Project? 

Launching a new initiative in your city that you’d like to keep an eye on? Preparing to make a decision about a specific issue area but unsure how to approach the solution? Perhaps you have identified a problem for which you’d like to track resident feedback? Or maybe you are simply curious to gather data on a project to support or reallocate efforts, funding, and staff time.

Once you have a Project scope in mind, it is easy to start collecting data. Simply follow these steps in order to set up, edit, and analyze your project. 

1. Go into Projects 

2. Click “Create a New Project” 

3. Title your project, upload an image, and write a brief description explaining why the project is important for the city.  

4. Choosing a filter is the essence of your project and will define the net you are casting to capture Zencity data. 

         Rule: Choose one search feature 

         Group: Pair two or more rules into one search feature 

         And: The search must contain ALL of the filters 

         Or: The search must contain EITHER of the filters 

You can choose from a variety of filters, depending on the data you are trying to collect for your project: 

  • Topic 

  • Sentiment 

  • Unofficial / Official 

  • By Source 

  • Location 

  • Query (i.e. Keyword based)*

  • Data Item ID 

  • Project 

*we recommend building most of your projects based on queries 

Here is a video to show how to easily create your filters: 

Let’s use the example of an upcoming ballot measure election for a general obligation bond. I want to track resident feedback toward the City’s planning process and identify key pressure points that are important to residents to include in the ballot measure. 

 1. Use Quotation Marks to include the exact phrasing.  

  • Zero waste ⇒ “Zero waste” 

2. Include the Singular and Plurals of your query / key search terms. 

  • “Dockless Vehicle”

  • “Dockless Vehicles” 

  • Scooter 

  • Scooters 

  • E-scooter 

  • E-scooters 

3. List all versions of the word in which they would appear in discourse

  • Recycle

  • Recycles 

  • Recycling 

  • Recyclable 

  • Recyclables 

  • Recycled 

Have additional questions? Contact your designated Customer Success Manager to complete the project for you or to provide guidance on completing a project. 

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