We at ZenCity know that being able to quickly make sense of your data is a must. That’s why we are happy to announce a new feature called Highlights that lets you identify popular issues that are being discussed over multiple conversations - at a glance. The new feature uses our advanced AI capabilities to identify and highlight phrases that are frequently used across all the conversations in each trending category or project. This way you can easily understand what the main stories behind the numbers are and ‘zoom in’ on them, without digging into the entire list of posts.

When you click on a trending category the Highlights feature will appear automatically under the map and volume graph:


Next to each highlight you will see the number of separate conversations where that specific word combination was used:

You can choose one or more highlights at a time by simply clicking on the highlights you want. The list of posts below the highlights will update according to the highlights you chose to present all the relevant posts. 

Once you click on a highlight the numbers next to the other highlights will update to indicate how many additional posts you will see if you click on that highlight and add it to your selection. For example, in the case below if the first highlight you chose was ‘body found’, then clicking on ‘dead dogs’ would add 10 more posts to the list of posts presented:

As a default, the highlights section will display a short list of the highlights, but you can always expand the list to show the entire collection of highlights for the chosen category:

At the end of the list of highlights you will see a highlight called ‘none’ that groups all the posts that were not correlated to any specific recurring phrase:

Of course, you can still use the existing filters at the top of the page to refine the list of posts, volume graph and map you see. Selecting a filter will change the numbers next to each of the highlights to represent the updated list of relevant conversations. 

Highlights which are filtered out completely by the regular filter will be grayed out, so if you want to display these highlights just adjust your filtering.

Additionally, if there is not enough data in the category (less than 20 posts) you will just see empty pods:

Finally, in order to allow you to still see the bigger picture regarding the chosen category, the volume graph and map will display the data for the entire category according to the data filters you used, but regardless of the highlights you chose. 

As usual, if you have any questions about the new feature let us know!

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