In our efforts to continue bringing you an even wider variety of data, we’re please not announce that through a partnership with Critical Mention ZenCity now includes broadcast media among our data sources. Critical Mention monitors broadcast media by collecting data from tens of thousands of sources, like TV and radio, and automatically transcribing them. At ZenCity, we then take that textual data and scan it for specific terms like city names, different big projects cities are running, and more. We then add this broadcast media data to everything we’re already aggregating and analyzing on the ZenCity platform. 

In order to specifically see data from Critical Mention, just go to the discourse page

Use the source filter to find the source called “Broadcast Media Mentions by Critical Mention” (either using the free search or by looking under ‘Local Media’. 

Once you select the filter you will see all of the broadcast media mentions. Please note that each item will be counted as one interaction, as there are no comments/likes on broadcast media. 

You can also get a daily digest of all media mentions, including broadcast and print media, directly to your inbox. If you are interested in receiving the Local Media Digest please adjust your subscription settings or contact your customer success manager. 

By collaborating with Critical Mention, we’re transforming the ZenCity tool into a true one-stop-shop for city’s communications teams, making it even easier for you to stay on top of all forms of media in one, centralized space.

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