You can easily change your subscription preferences in the ZenCity platform in order to make sure you are getting the most relevant information for your role. Just login and click on your name at the top of the menu and then click on subscriptions:

This will open up your subscriptions page where you can personalize which and how often you get emails and notifications from us: 

Here you can choose which digests to get, how you want to receive them (either by email or push notification to your phone, if you have the app), and at what frequency.

City Digest:
This provides an overall view of what has been going on in your city. You can choose to get it by email or push notification on a daily or weekly basis. 

Project Digest:
This provides a summary of your projects. You can choose to receive it by email or push notification on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Local Media Digest:
This provides a daily list of all the traditional media mentions (news articles, television, and radio) straight to your inbox. 

Alerts Notifications:
You can choose to get real-time alerts on popular posts (official and/or unofficial) by email or push notification. 

If you would like to further personalize your subscriptions by limiting them to specific topics of interest or adding keyword notifications, contact your Customer Success Manager. 

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