Community outreach means being in-tune with your residents and engaging with them on the issues they care about most. ZenCity Insights can help you stay informed and know when and where to reach out. Here are some tools to help: 


Real-time Notifications

Make sure you have the ZenCity Insights app downloaded on your phone, so you can get alerted and check the platform while you are out of the office. 

For android users download it here.

For iphone users download it here

The app has all the same features as the web version so you can check anything you want in the office or on the go. Here are some features which might be helpful for in real-time: 

Get real-time updates about the issues that are most important to you. You can let us know which topics you are interested in and we will make sure you are getting the most relevant notifications. Click on a notification to find out more information on the topic in the app. This feature will help you stay ahead of the curve and put out fires before they start. 

Word Cloud

The word cloud shows you the most commonly used words among your residents for whichever time period you are looking at. The more popular the words are, the larger they will appear in the cloud. 

Pro-tip: If something in the word cloud piques your interest, you can always click on it to find out more information. 

Trending Topics


You can always check out the most trending topics on the dashboard along with their sentiment. Hover over the topic you are interested in to see the exact sentiment breakdown. Click on the category you are most interested for more information and sub-categories. 

Pro-tip: Clicking on a category will open up a dashboard specific to that category with all the same features you have on your general dashboard.  

Unofficial Sources

You probably have already have a good idea of what people are talking about on your city’s official social media pages, but ZenCity Insights can also help you see what people are engaged with on unofficial pages. Use the filters at the top of the page to sort and compare for any timeframe, topic, or project. 


ZenCity Insights’ geolocation can be really useful for discovering which issues are strongest in various neighborhoods. Here’s a few tips for finding your way around the map:  

Filter by Neighborhood

Use the filter tool at the top of your dashboard to filter by neighborhood. You can then see the leading topics for that neighborhood which can help you identify, locate, and remedy problems. 

Pro tip: You can also use this tool in the discourse section to see the leading stories in each neighborhood. 

Heat Map by Topic

If you see a certain topic is trending, click on that topic and use the heat map feature (at the top right of the map) in the topic dashboard to see where the problem is most heavily occuring. 

Pro tip: This feature is available on projects too. Contact us to help you set up relevant projects and follow their location on the project heat map. 

Measure Impact

Want to check how your outreach efforts are having an impact? ZenCity Insights can help you with that too. 

Setting up your Calendar

Click on ‘Settings’ to get to your event management tool. 

This feature enables you to add and see your outreach events and meetings on your ZenCity Insights dashboard and see how it coincides with the discourse you are seeing. You can follow the same event year after year and compare the discourse, or compare discourse from before an event to after an event. 

Pro tip: You can also reach the event management tool by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the discourse timeline. 

Comparing Projects

Using projects to compare different outreach strategies is easy. You can set up two projects on similar outreach events to see how effective they were. You can also look at one project over different time periods to evaluate sentiment and interactions before and after an outreach effort. Talk to your Customer Success Manager to help you set up projects. 

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