ZenCity Insights is a great tool to stay connected to the pulse of the city, increase public participation, and measure the effectiveness of public participation efforts. Here are a few ways the platform can assist you: 

Increase Inclusivity

You can use ZenCity Insights to gather public feedback on city issues from unengaged populations.

Unofficial Data Sources 

You are probably already aware of what is being discussed on the city’s official networks, but we can help you find out what less engaged residents are talking about on unofficial sources. Use the filter tool at the top of the page to see unofficial sources specifically. 

Filter by Neighborhood

Use the filter tool at the top of your dashboard to filter by neighborhood. You can look for the neighborhoods known to be the least engaged and see what topics are buzzing for those areas.  

Pro tip: You can also use this tool in the discourse section to see the leading stories in each neighborhood. 

Prepare for Meaningful Engagement

By allowing city leaders to better prepare for conversations with residents, ZenCity Insights enables leaders to directly respond to resident concerns, thus creating an engaging and trusting dialogue. Here are few tips for preparing for conversations with residents: 

Prioritize Topics 

Use the map feature to see what the leading topic in each neighborhood is. The colors correspond to the key on the left. Click on any neighborhood to see the discourse page for that neighborhood and topic. 

Prioritize by spikes in discourse

From the discourse page, see where there are spikes. Click on the spikes to see the discourse for those dates and learn about what caused the spike.

Targeted Communication

ZenCity Insights is the perfect tool for targeting communication strategies around the topics that are important to your residents. You can read more in detail about planning targeted messaging here

Assess Public Participation Techniques

Want to check how you are doing? ZenCity Insights can help you with that too. Here are a few tools you can use to help monitor and assess your efforts to increase public participation.

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